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Ən məşhur məqalələr

 Change Hostname / Reverse DNS (rDNS) / PTR

To change rDNS/PTR/hostname, please perform these steps: Login to the Clients Area; At the top menu select “My Services > VPS” tab; Find desirable VPS and press the “Manage” button; For main IP address: Press “Hostname” button; Enter desired domain/subdomain; Press “Continue”....

 All of our OS templates are based on 64-bit architecture only.

Linux VPS: Operating systems: CentOS 7 CentOS 8 Debian 8 Debian 9 Debian 10 Ubuntu 14.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 20.04 Operating systems with control panels: cPanel/WHM + CentOS 7 (minimum 4 GB RAM) Plesk + CentOS 7 DirectAdmin + CentOS 7 Webmin + CentOS 7...

 How do you handle delayed payments?

Paying invoices on time is our customers’ responsibility. There are steps: Our automated system sends invoices 7 days before the due date; Clients are able to pay outstanding invoices via Credit Cards, PayPal, Bitcoins or Paysera / WebMoney / CashU / Bank transfer. If invoices are not...

 Install / Reinstall OS

Operating system installation steps: Login to the Clients Area; Select at the top of menu the “My Services > VPS” tab; Press the “Manage” button at the service table; Press the “Reinstall OS” button; Choose operating system, agree with warning and press “Continue”; Wait for 5-10...

 Do you include VAT in your prices?

The European Union (EU) assesses a consumption tax on goods and services for use in its member countries. This tax is known as the Value Added Tax, or simply VAT. We are required to comply with EU regulations regarding VAT. We charge EU-based customers for VAT using the tax rate effective in...