Do you include VAT in your prices?

The European Union (EU) assesses a consumption tax on goods and services for use in its member countries. This tax is known as the Value Added Tax, or simply VAT.

We are required to comply with EU regulations regarding VAT.

We charge EU-based customers for VAT using the tax rate effective in their respective countries. For a complete list of member countries and their corresponding VAT rates, please see the official EU VAT rates.

VAT exemptions for businesses

If you run an EU-based business, you may have to account for VAT yourself by using the reverse charge system. In such cases, Time4VPS does not charge you VAT.

To prove that your organization meets the requirements for VAT self-accounting, you must provide the following information:

  • Your organization’s name.
  • Your organization’s VAT identification number.

If you are a new customer, you can provide this information at the time of purchase in the order form. If you are already a customer, please contact us in order to update your account details.


  • You are liable for any VAT charges that may be incurred until we receive the information requested above.
  • We cannot refund any previously charged VAT amounts.
  • All VAT identification numbers are subject to verification. Make sure you provide a valid VAT identification number.
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